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Puza - Turkish Language For Foreigners

puza tömer, tömer, tömer kursu

The purpose of our Turkish language course programs is to assist international students in their adaptation to their lives in Turkish culture gradually and to improve their skills in Turkish language spoken daily. In our course, interactive programs are offered including examples that provide an opportunity for students to speak, in addition to using Turkish as a foreign language. Our students, who will be taking university preparation examinations such as YÖS and ALES, can attend the training comprising appropriate technical skills. In Puza Language Academy, our students are trained in innovatively equipped classes. They can receive an education visa and a residence permit during their training with the official acceptance of our course. Our students who complete their Turkish training in Private Puza Education Course are entitled to earn a Puza; certificate at the end of the academic year. Students, if they wish, may take a diploma examination in our course as well and receive a Puza diploma, certified by the Ministry of National Education.

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